POC at December Tournaments

Brandeis IV

Congratulations to:

  • Joonpyo Sohn (Brown) for winning the tournament!
  • Nicholas Quah (Brown) for winning the tournament!
  • Adela Lilollari (Yale) for finaling and taking 9th speaker!
  • David Wang (GW) for finaling!
  • Mars He (Harvard) for semifinaling!
  • Vedant Bahl (Harvard) for semifinaling and taking 2nd novice speaker!
  • Emily Hu (Stanford) for semifinaling and taking 4th novice speaker!
  • Jeremy Chen (Tufts) for quarterfinaling and taking 3rd speaker!
  • Dhruva Bhat (Harvard) for quarterfinaling and taking 5th speaker!
  • Marina Tan (Yale) for quarterfinaling!
  • Harry Zhang (Hopkins) for quarterfinaling!
  • Tan Kuan Hian (Hopkins) for quarterfinaling!
  • Seyoung Jeon (Amherst) for quarterfinaling and winning the novice bracket!
  • David Slater (Stanford) for quarterfinaling and taking 8th speaker!
  • Danielle Mitalipov (Stanford) for quarterfinaling!
  • Alex Wu (Harvard) for novice finaling and taking 1st novice speaker!
  • Bryan Ma (University of Calgary) for novice finaling and taking 5th novice speaker!
  • Candace Cho (University of Calgary) for novice finaling!
  • Jackson Min (Penn) for novice finaling!
  • Stephanie Wu (Penn) for novice finaling!



Congratulations to:

  • Taronish Irani (Columbia) for winning the tournament!
  • Ricky Cambo (Brown) for taking 3rd speaker!
  • Jasper Primack (BU) for taking 8th speaker!
  • Sarthak Agrawal (Chicago) for taking 10th speaker!
  • Shruti Baxti (Yale) for winning novice finals and taking 2nd novice speaker!
  • Deena Mousa (Yale) for winning novice finals and taking 3rd novice speaker!
  • Lydia Kim (GW) for novice finaling!


As always, please let us know if someone is falsely included in or excluded from this list.

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