The Diversity Initiative would like to congratulate all the individual debaters of color who were recognized on the Team of the Year (TOTY), Speaker of the Year (SOTY), and Novice of the Year (NOTY) top-10 boards!

Team of the Year (TOTY)

Congratulations to:

  • Marina Tan (Yale) for winning 3rd TOTY!
  • David Slater (Stanford) for winning 4th TOTY!
  • Jim Huang (Yale) for winning 5th TOTY!
  • David Wang (GW) for winning 6th TOTY!
  • Taronish Irani (Columbia) for winning 9th TOTY!
  • Nate Sumimoto (GW) for winning 10th TOTY!


Speaker of the Year (SOTY)

Congratulations to:

  • Jerusalem Demsas (W&M) for winning 1st SOTY – the 1st black woman/woman of color in APDA history to do so!
  • Ricky Cambo (Brown) for winning 4th SOTY!
  • Jim Huang (Yale) for winning 6th SOTY!
  • Alex Johnson (Penn) for winning 7th SOTY!
  • David Wang (GW) for winning 9th SOTY!


Novice of the Year (NOTY)

Congratulations to:

  • Tiffany Yuan (Hopkins) for winning 1st NOTY!
  • Nate Sumimoto (GW) for winning 2nd NOTY!
  • Tejal Patwardhan (Harvard) for winning 4th NOTY!
  • Deena Mousa (Yale) for winning 5th NOTY!
  • Tanay Patri (Northeastern) for winning 9th NOTY!


Final congratulations to all the people of color on the teams that made the COTY board! Thanks everyone for a great year. 🙂